Easy 10 mile trip to DTB. Great place to go to grab some coffee. This is a great route with there being very little traffic on College Main and Cavitt. 

1 mile sprint loop through campus. Start on the West Campus side of the new tunnel, down the tunnel, around Simpson Drill Field, and back through the tunnel. Try to beat our best times!

Great elevation change for our area on this ride. Around 17.2 mile out and back. Large bike lane northbound on Agronomy. F and B road has no bike lane but little traffic. Traditions neighborhood roads have very little traffic and some great hills.


35 mile ride on country roads North East of College Station. Most of the roads do not have bike lanes or shoulders. Depending on the time of day you ride, there might be some traffic. Good amount of elevation change on this route. 

23 mile loop East of College Station. Rock Prairie has no bike lane but little traffic. William D Fitch has a very large shoulder, then take a left on Tonkaway Lake. Tonkaway is a one lane road but seldom used. Then use the large shoulder on 30 to get back into town. 

40 mile ride that takes you down to Millican and back. Once out of town, Rock Prairie has very little elevation change. No bike lane most of the way, but very little traffic. 

short country road loop with rolling hills. This route will take you on scenic country roads with very little traffic. tHERE IS A LONG GRAVEL SECTION ON HOPES CREEK. iT IS RIDEABLE WITH ROAD BIKE TIRES.

More to Come!